Twin Sisters, San Antonio

Twin Sisters is a cafe and bakery with two locations in San Antonio.  I went for breakfast and had the Scrambled Egg Special – a fresh fruit cup, two scrambled eggs, roasted and grilled Idaho potatoes and a choice of carbs (I chose French toast).

The decor is 50s diner with a lot of local art on the walls.

The fresh fruit cup was huge – much more fresh fruit than I can eat in a single sitting.  I’m not a huge berry fan, but this combination of sweet and tart was a better than average for its type and made a pleasant start to the morning.

The eggs were of the slightly denser variety with a touch of cream in the flavor – I personally like this kind better, but I have heard some say they prefer the fluffy ones.  The Idaho potatoes were well cooked but had barely any seasoning, but since they obliging served this plate with salsa, I enjoyed it on both potatoes and eggs.

Almost before I began on my eggs and potatoes, my waiter brought organic whole wheat French toast to the table.  The toast was well-prepared, sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with butter and syrup, and had just the right amount of crunch on the edges, but the whole wheat bread just didn’t give it the special kick I was hoping for.

Overall: Writing this post made me hungry for breakfast food! I definitely want to go back.


Veggie Heaven – Austin

Veggie Heaven is easy to find on Guadalupe, and has its own parking lot – a big bonus for central Austin.  It’s a Vegetarian restaurant specializing in westernized Chinese food and bubble teas.  The restaurant is run by a sort of cult called Falun Gong, so I recommend not looking too closely at the last few pages of the menu, which, strangely, depict religious persecution in China, but the food is very good and quite cheap.

I like restaurants with plastic chopsticks – I avoid wooden chopsticks because of the lumber waste.

David had a kebab dish that he really enjoyed.

I ordered the “Tangerine Mushroom” dish, which was similar to what American-Chinese restaurants call Orange Chicken but with fried mushrooms and a nice, tangy sauce.  We also ordered a steamed curry bun each, which were great if a little over-carbohydrate-y (potatoes were one of the fillings) but I’ll have to get a picture of that next time.

Overall: Great for cheap veggie food. I want to go again soon.

Fugetsu Okonomiyaki in Minoo, Osaka, Japan

This was the last big food stop on our trip.  We ate at Fugetsu on the last night of our stay.  I had never eaten Okonomiyaki (meaning “what you like”) before, as it’s extremely hard to find around here.  It immediately became my favorite Japanese food.

When eating at an okonomiyaki restaurant, the hot griddle table is turned on when you are seated.


Pigs are a theme for the Fugetsu decor.


The batter for your order is mixed in a bowl and poured into a circle on the griddle.  The main batter is made with cabbage, flour, water and a few other ingredients, but on top of that you can put a plethora of toppings – thus the name.


After cooking on both sides, the okonomiyaki is smothered in Japanese mayonnaise, an okonomiyaki sauce, and (if you want) various other options such as katsuobushi (fermented fish that smells like pork rind).  Those flaky things on top of my friend’s food in the background are katsuobushi.  We got Horoshima-style okonomiyaki, which is why mine has noodles on it (we were stuffed!).  My topping choice was “potato and cheese”.


Finally, dessert!  We chose two types of ice cream bonbons.  Mine were white chocolate/vanilla ice cream with bits of mango inside, and the gentleman had chocolate/vanilla ice cream with banana.  His won solidly.

Final review: I would go back in a heartbeat.

Bistro Bakery

I visit this place weekly; it makes a delicious brunch.

This leek quiche is the best. It’s extremely cheesy and the leeks add a light flavor and crunch that keep the quiche from feeling too dense. The spinach salad was covered with a basil-lemon dressing.

For Halloween, they had “plain” almond macarons colored in black and orange.  Previous macarons here have disappointed, so I wasn’t expecting much, but this was a solidly good example of its kind.  An added bonus was how well it matched my Halloween nails.

I had to ask what this pastry was – this flourless ‘cake’ called Le Russe apparently hails from the south of France and is rarely found elsewhere (so says the internet).   It’s made with almond and hazelnut and meringue.  Eaten slowly, each flavor and texture really stood out.

Bistro Bakery, San Antonio

Bistro Bakery is located in the Olmos Park area of San Antonio. This little cafe is hidden off a side street, but serves the best brunch in town.

The eggplant quiche was great – cheesy, light on crust and containing bite-size pieces of eggplant that were cooked to that slightly firm point where eggplant is at it’s best. The quiches here are amazing.

The coffee used to get cold easily, but recently they’ve added more employees and the coffee stays great.  The decaf is nice and strong.  The pastry above is a lemon and raspberry mousse cake.  It was a little too tart for me, but the homemade raspberry whipped cream on top was amazing.

This rose-flavored macaron was surprisingly disappointing.  It looked great, but the consistency was off and the rose flavor was overpowering.  I have since had better macarons from this bakery, but Entoteca Vespaio really has the best in the south Texas area.

More on Bistro Bakery in a later post – since this visit, I have eaten a quiche that surpasses even this one.


I’ve returned from Japan and I have two peices of great news! (Great to me, anyway.)

1. My internet has been fixed with the use of an amazing device called a Powerline Network Adapter.

2. My computer has been upgraded as a birthday present.  So we’re back in business!!

I’m also excited about having much better quality pictures due to my new camera.  Food post soon!

74th Annual Hunger Games – SPOILERS

I lied.  I’m putting up one more post before Japan, from my work computer.  This is a graphic I made to keep track of events during the 74th Annual Hunger Games.  THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE HUNGER GAMES BOOK ONE. 

Some information is missing.  When I re-read book two I will put up a second version with a number of names and additional details added.  I will also work on a graphic for events in book two.  Feel free to redistibute this link and graphic but PLEASE keep the “watermark” with my blog link on it so people can come find the new graphics!