Videogum is awesome.

Videogum, in case you aren’t yet a reader, is the best video review site on The Web (The Web in this case meaning Sites I Know About).  The most recent review of True Blood is a great example of how they are awesome.  I don’t even watch True Blood.
A select excerpt from the post:

‘Eric, are you OK? Would you like someone to call a FANGBULANCE? Oh. It turns out jumping in front of the bullet was his way of tricking the werewolf into turning into a human in order to get some of that sweet sweet vampire blood. This is confusing. Because a moment later he kills the werewolf, and when he is burying the werewolf in the backyard (right) he explains to Sookie that werewolves are too strong when they drink vampire blood (I am an adult typing these sentences, NEVER FORGET)’

Seriously, go read this stuff.


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