Bull Murray

EW.com has an interview-article about Bill Murray and how some producers/directors have gotten him to work for them. 

‘Beers bumped into Murray at a Brooklyn gathering of Life Aquatic alums, and Murray agreed to participate in the short. On his designated day of shooting, Murray showed up as promised, filmed for eight hours, and helped the crew schlep equipment. So how does one repay a Hollywood star who transforms a clever $12,000 production into an Internet sensation? Says Beers, ”[Bill] had told my friend, ‘Tell Dan, as a gift, he’s got to buy me a gun. And she was like, ‘He’s not buying you a gun!’ So he’s like, ‘All right, then have him get me a knife. I want a really big knife, like something I can tie around my leg.”’ Before Murray departed, Beers and the crew presented him with a wrapped gift. Murray graciously accepted it, said, ”Thanks for this,” and just like that, he and his new 12-inch hunting knife were gone.’

It’s a great article.  VIA.


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