Kona Grill and recent events

We recently went to the Kona Grill for a team lunch at work.  It was decent food, good vegetarian options, and the prices were moderate.

Avocado Egg Roll

This “egg roll” was served with a delicious sweet honey-cilantro sauce that had almost no cilantro flavor but tasted great.  I loved the fresh avocado but could use more of the sundried tomato and red onion the menu promised.  I only ate one sliced half (seen above) but the portion was generous, with 3 full “egg rolls” in an order.


By now everyone should have tried edamame, which are boiled soybean pods, but if you haven’t, try some now.  Eat the little green soybeans inside (the pods are leathery and inedible) with salt and maybe some lemon juice.  Best snack around.

Finally, the meal!

I chose a “perfect pairing”, which is a lunch menu in which one can choose two options for $8.50 or so.  I had the Tomato Basil Bisque and the Portobello Mushroom Sandwich.  The sandwich was bland and oily, but the bisque was creamy and filling, a great calming lunch option for the middle of a hectic day.

All in all, I would go again.  I rate this restaurant 4 out of 5 in veggie-friendlyness.

The next day my best friend and I went to San Japan, a Japanese anime/comics convention.  We weren’t expecting much – we just wanted to meet Michael Sinterniklaas (voice of Dean Venture among others) and Randy Milholland, creator of Something Positive.  We may have set our sights too low; in addition to meeting both of these gentlemen (who were amazing and both took time out of their day to chat with us for a while), we spent a lot of time in Artist’s Alley, looking at some fantastic artwork from the local artists.

Randal Milholland, Dirty Santa

Apparently at an earlier con, a drunken girl had wandered up to Mr. Milholland and exclaimed “You look like a dirty Santa!!”  Jan tried it out, but since childhood she has always been afraid of Santas, and as you can see it continues even now. 

For a couple of American comic fans at an anime convention, we had a great time.


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  1. (the pods are leathery and inedible)

    wait what… no one bothered to to tell me that.

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