I realize I promised this update to some about a week ago, but it’s a good thing I waited because some of these links are brand new!  Here’s a collections of some great Inception-related material on the web:

1. First off, this post links to YET MORE articles about Inception (of all types).  It also has a handy dandy chart!

2. Mortiz Resl has a beautiful poster here.  (Via)

3. Cinematical presented 6 interpretations of what happened – and five possible plot holes.

4. College Humor created the following awesome video which makes fun of the film, and also has that one awesome actor – you know who I mean, he was in Very Mary Kate as the Bodyguard and he’s hilarious:

5. io9 has this interesting bit about how much clothing has to do with the reality of the film. (From a NY Magazine blog)

6. This is the best graphic of Inception around – use of icons is great!

7. Many have seen this by now, but this video slowing down the main score in Inception is really neat and makes the some strange score choices make a lot more sense…

I think that’s it!  If you have any neat links, please let me know!

(In case anyone is wondering, I think the idea that Inception is Nolan’s “8 1/2” is terrible, I like to think he was making a point about taking a simple idea and complicating it with layers.)


HAHAHAHAHAHA My life is better now.


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