Enoteca Vespaio (Austin)

Enoteca Vespaio is located on South Congress, right in the middle of a nice shopping area that also includes my favorite local jewelry store.

The restaurant has a more expensive, non-Enoteca section next door, but I’ve always found the food at the Enoteca to be more impressive.

My friend's food...mmm carbs.

My partner in crime at this outing chose the special, which was Crespelle (Italian crepe) with carmelized onions, potatoes, and mushrooms with some fantastic cheese (I need to bring a food notebook with me).

My favorite!

As usual, I chose the tomato mozarella panini, all variations of which are my Favorite Sandwich.  It came with a crunchy, salty snack on the side, but instead of the usual fried chickpeas these were just little fried pea-sized bits of puffed dough!  They were still delicious and way too addictive for something so full of oil. My sandwich was, of course, delish, although I wish they would go back to sun-dried tomatos (heavenly).

The Only Sandwich Cookie in my eyes.

My companion and I both ordered dessert, and you can see a bite of his in the corner there – a banana chocolate tart with toasted whipped cream on top.  I asked about the Macaron flavors, and after hearing them, ordered two.

Hot damn, these are good.

Macaron #1 was chocolate with cherry filling, and the cherry was sweet and very slightly tart.  The “cookie” part was perfect on this one, slightly crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy chocolate on the inside.  But the perfection was overshadowed by macaron #2, whose almond cookie was crunchy and missed the soft inside but holy crap, it was honey flavored. Honey cream, which for me is basically Ambrosia.  I would drive to another city just for this stuff. 

(Not pictured is the underwhelming Bruschetta appetizer – usually it’s a great choice at Vespaio, but the current toppings are lackluster.  I did enjoy the fresh taste of the caprese section.)


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