Bistro Bakery, San Antonio

Bistro Bakery is located in the Olmos Park area of San Antonio. This little cafe is hidden off a side street, but serves the best brunch in town.

The eggplant quiche was great – cheesy, light on crust and containing bite-size pieces of eggplant that were cooked to that slightly firm point where eggplant is at it’s best. The quiches here are amazing.

The coffee used to get cold easily, but recently they’ve added more employees and the coffee stays great.  The decaf is nice and strong.  The pastry above is a lemon and raspberry mousse cake.  It was a little too tart for me, but the homemade raspberry whipped cream on top was amazing.

This rose-flavored macaron was surprisingly disappointing.  It looked great, but the consistency was off and the rose flavor was overpowering.  I have since had better macarons from this bakery, but Entoteca Vespaio really has the best in the south Texas area.

More on Bistro Bakery in a later post – since this visit, I have eaten a quiche that surpasses even this one.


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