Bistro Bakery

I visit this place weekly; it makes a delicious brunch.

This leek quiche is the best. It’s extremely cheesy and the leeks add a light flavor and crunch that keep the quiche from feeling too dense. The spinach salad was covered with a basil-lemon dressing.

For Halloween, they had “plain” almond macarons colored in black and orange.  Previous macarons here have disappointed, so I wasn’t expecting much, but this was a solidly good example of its kind.  An added bonus was how well it matched my Halloween nails.

I had to ask what this pastry was – this flourless ‘cake’ called Le Russe apparently hails from the south of France and is rarely found elsewhere (so says the internet).   It’s made with almond and hazelnut and meringue.  Eaten slowly, each flavor and texture really stood out.


2 responses to “Bistro Bakery

  1. wow that’s some really good food photography.

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