Fugetsu Okonomiyaki in Minoo, Osaka, Japan

This was the last big food stop on our trip.  We ate at Fugetsu on the last night of our stay.  I had never eaten Okonomiyaki (meaning “what you like”) before, as it’s extremely hard to find around here.  It immediately became my favorite Japanese food.

When eating at an okonomiyaki restaurant, the hot griddle table is turned on when you are seated.


Pigs are a theme for the Fugetsu decor.


The batter for your order is mixed in a bowl and poured into a circle on the griddle.  The main batter is made with cabbage, flour, water and a few other ingredients, but on top of that you can put a plethora of toppings – thus the name.


After cooking on both sides, the okonomiyaki is smothered in Japanese mayonnaise, an okonomiyaki sauce, and (if you want) various other options such as katsuobushi (fermented fish that smells like pork rind).  Those flaky things on top of my friend’s food in the background are katsuobushi.  We got Horoshima-style okonomiyaki, which is why mine has noodles on it (we were stuffed!).  My topping choice was “potato and cheese”.


Finally, dessert!  We chose two types of ice cream bonbons.  Mine were white chocolate/vanilla ice cream with bits of mango inside, and the gentleman had chocolate/vanilla ice cream with banana.  His won solidly.

Final review: I would go back in a heartbeat.


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