Veggie Heaven – Austin

Veggie Heaven is easy to find on Guadalupe, and has its own parking lot – a big bonus for central Austin.  It’s a Vegetarian restaurant specializing in westernized Chinese food and bubble teas.  The restaurant is run by a sort of cult called Falun Gong, so I recommend not looking too closely at the last few pages of the menu, which, strangely, depict religious persecution in China, but the food is very good and quite cheap.

I like restaurants with plastic chopsticks – I avoid wooden chopsticks because of the lumber waste.

David had a kebab dish that he really enjoyed.

I ordered the “Tangerine Mushroom” dish, which was similar to what American-Chinese restaurants call Orange Chicken but with fried mushrooms and a nice, tangy sauce.  We also ordered a steamed curry bun each, which were great if a little over-carbohydrate-y (potatoes were one of the fillings) but I’ll have to get a picture of that next time.

Overall: Great for cheap veggie food. I want to go again soon.


2 responses to “Veggie Heaven – Austin

  1. that looks awesome! next time we hang out we need to go there! I want to try the “Tangerine Mushroom”

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