Twin Sisters, San Antonio

Twin Sisters is a cafe and bakery with two locations in San Antonio.  I went for breakfast and had the Scrambled Egg Special – a fresh fruit cup, two scrambled eggs, roasted and grilled Idaho potatoes and a choice of carbs (I chose French toast).

The decor is 50s diner with a lot of local art on the walls.

The fresh fruit cup was huge – much more fresh fruit than I can eat in a single sitting.  I’m not a huge berry fan, but this combination of sweet and tart was a better than average for its type and made a pleasant start to the morning.

The eggs were of the slightly denser variety with a touch of cream in the flavor – I personally like this kind better, but I have heard some say they prefer the fluffy ones.  The Idaho potatoes were well cooked but had barely any seasoning, but since they obliging served this plate with salsa, I enjoyed it on both potatoes and eggs.

Almost before I began on my eggs and potatoes, my waiter brought organic whole wheat French toast to the table.  The toast was well-prepared, sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with butter and syrup, and had just the right amount of crunch on the edges, but the whole wheat bread just didn’t give it the special kick I was hoping for.

Overall: Writing this post made me hungry for breakfast food! I definitely want to go back.


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